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Computerized composing and designing.


Printing of all kinds, including high quality half tone colour printing.


High speed rotary printing of telephone directories and text books.

About us

The printing Corporation of Pakistan was established in 1969 and happens to be one of the oldest pubic sector corporations in the country. It comprises of three printing presses located respectively at Islamabad , Karachi and Lahore . The Corporation has its headquarters at Islamabad.

You imagine, we print!

PCP offers the largest facility for offset printing in the country which is managed by a skilled workforce of about 1200 personell. All the units of the PCP are well equipped with modern machinery to perform a large variety of printing jobs.

PCP has recently lunched productivity improvement programme aimed at reducing costs and introducing creativity. It is expected that with implementation of this programme during 2007 the efficiency and quality of service being provided by the PCP register a quantum improvement.

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