PCP has a Board of Directors with the following composition:

  • Chairman, PCP: Cabinet Secretary
  • Vice Chairman, PCP:  Additional Secretary (III), Cabinet Division
  • Members: Financial Advisor, Cabinet Division, Ministry of Finance
                       Chief Cost Accounts Officer, Ministry of Finance
                       Managing Director, PCP  
                       Controller, Department of Stationery & Forms, Karachi
                       Director Finance, PCP

Managing Director of PCP is the Chief Executive of the Corporation. He is responsible to the Cabinet Division/Board of Directors.

The three Presses are headed by Managers (BS-18). The PCP Head Office is organized into three wings with the following Job description:

  • Administartion: Provide secretarial and administrative support headed by a Secretary (BS-19)
  • Finance : Provide financial, accounts and Audit functions headed by the Director Finance
  • Operation: Oversee the production and qualify control aspects headed by a Generl Manager