• Acts as Principal Printer to the Government of Pakistan.
• Undertakes printing work of the Government of Pakistan and its autonomous, semi-autonomous bodies and Corporations. 
• Acts as Printing Advisor to the Government of Pakistan and its agencies.
Fulfills printing requirements of Election Commission of Pakistan for Ballot Papers and allied elections material for General 
  Elections and Local Bodies Elections etc.

Procedure for undertaking the jobs

• The Government Departments send their printing work to PCP accompanied with covering letter/work requisition indicating therein details of
   the jobs(s) required to be printed.
• On receipt of printing indent/work requisition(s) from the respective indenter(s), the estimate of work involved is worked out by the respective
   PCP Press. The Demand Note of 75%    advance payment of the total value of the job(s) is raised. 
• On receipt of the Demand Note the Indenting Department(s) make payment of 75% advance through a cross cheque in favour of the  
   Manager of the Press concerned.
• On receipt of the payment the work is taken up by the concerned Press of PCP for execution and after delivery of the printed material the 
   final bill including the remaining 25% payment is submitted to the Indenting Department(s) for payment within 2 weeks.
• In case of urgent/immediate job(s), if intimated by the indenter, is/are taken up by the concerned Press after obtaining the necessary 
  approval from the Managing Director PCP for executing the job pending receipt of 75% advance payment from the Indenting Department to
  meet the exigency of the situation.
• No Demand Note is sent to any indenter for classified/secret jobs, Cabinet Summaries, daily proceedings of National Assembly and Senate
  of Pakistan during session days and Gazette Notifications etc. 

Productions/Nature of Work

PCP undertakes the printing jobs of the Federal Government viz Ministries/ Division/Autonomous and Semi-autonomous Bodies/Attached Departments etc.
The main products of PCP are as under:
• General publications
• Forms
• Budget Publications
• Proceedings of Senate and National Assembly
• Multicolor Publicity Material
• Office Printed Stationery i.e. Letterheads, Envelopes, File Covers, Invitation Cards etc.
• Gazette Notifications
• Classified/Secret/Confidential jobs
• Ballot Papers and related material for Election Commission of Pakistan 

Service Offered 

PCP possess following facilities:
• Computerized composing
• Photolithography
• Printing of all kinds of work including high quality colour printing work
• Computer Stationery manufacturing 
• Lamination
• Web Offset Rotary Printing Machines for printing telephone directories and textbooks.