(Acts, Ordinances, President's Orders, Regulations.)
(Statutory Notification (S.R.O.),
(Other Notificatons, Orders etc.)
[Notifications (Appointments, Promotions, etc.) issued by Ministries / Divisions, other then Ministry of Defence and Supreme Court of Pakistan)
Notifications issued by the Ministry of Defence
Notifications issued by High Courts, Comptroller, and Auditor General, Federal Public Service Commission and by the attachecd sub-ordinate offices
Notifications Issued by Minor Administration Miscelleaneous not included in any other part.
Notifications etc.iIssed by Patent office
Advertisements and notice issed by corporate bodies and private individuals on payment .
The printing Corporation of Pakistan was established in 1969 and happens to be one of the oldest pubic sector corporations in the country. It comprises of three printing presses located respectively at Islamabad , Karachi and Lahore . The Corporation has its headquarters at Islamabad.
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